Self Care Reiki – Soin de Soi Reiki


To take care of ourselves (and others) by breaking down the blocks that prevent us from doing so.



Reiki is a gentle, loving energy, perfect for healing yourself and others. It makes life easier:

  • cleansing self-sabotaging habits
  • dissolving the resistance that prevents the development of new positive habits
  • establishing a better relationship with the flow of life

The aim is to break down all the blocks that prevent you from taking care of yourself. It helps to align the person with what is good for them.

In doing so, she’ll find it easier to take care of herself, and from there, to take care of others. It becomes easier to create new habits and let go of old ones.

Taking care of yourself is the basis for success and happiness in life. This energy, despite its great gentleness, can be extremely powerful and enable great transformation.”

By Stephanie Brail

English manual

You will receive an introduction and a manual.