Self Transformational Symbols – Symboles de Transformation du Soi


Extremely well-channeled system with 6 initiations that destroys inner disharmony and negativity, remakes your inner sacred space, activates your 3rd eye and realigns you with the self.


These symbols are used as a spiritual acceleration system to balance the human energy field and promote harmony to facilitate the work of spiritual growth, energy healing, meditation, visualization and other spiritual practices. This system was developed in cooperation with the Devic forces of nature and the forces of light. It involves releasing mental stress that is lodged in the muscles.

It aligns the spiritual bodies, removes miasma alerts and stimulates the body’s electrical functions.
These energies also balance and align chakras, meridians and nadis …They promote direct links to higher spiritual bodies and enhance visionary states . There is also an increase in clairvoyance, telepathy and other gifts.
This system initiates at the level of Christ consciousness and treats emotional problems through the emotional body. It repels negative thought forms…. as well as many other benefits.
You’ll receive an initiation for each symbol.


By Hari Andri Winarso

English manual

You receive 6 initiations and a manual.