Shield of the Atlanteans and the High Astral



This shield is initiated by the highest Atlantean energies to predict the future,
release heavy unconsciousness, open your soul to feelings without stress and free all
form of energy contrary to the omnipotence of the self.

It is recommended at a very advanced level of energy and light and is not suitable without

This shield was given to me for the best divine energies and not as a

basic protection for all, you need a lot of energy to keep it, but it’s very
economical for those who have the necessary initial energy.

It is as high as the first divine energy for channeling allows. It adapts to
the energy being read, relaxes it, enables it to work more effectively in terms of power and guidance, and reads it without
keep heavy energies behind it, it doesn’t allow mediumnity without work or to stay
quiet if everyone is bad in themselves, it allows your reading to pass the best
possible sensations on soul passages. Forget once that you are divine and the
shield doesn’t work.

Apart from that, he accelerates the spiritual and mediumistic path of those he accompanies,
persevere when all seems lost, don’t forget your energies in soul passage and
makes you anchor yourself in a solid, open energy without access to karmic energy if this
is to help healing. It closes the pathways that damage your emotions, opens your
It relaxes and cleanses it without asking you to do anything.
Energy read in this way is much easier to understand and is no longer likely to affect you.
by the negative ego.

That’s why this shield is an invaluable ally for those whose strength of heart is not
always there, but who need help when the energy becomes too heavy on the reading.
What the shield cleans you of will remain available for as long as you need it, then be reused to
other tasks with no loss of energy, so you don’t get too tired and lost, and you’re often
the right time for everyone.

It will even open up the stress that prevents you from having a normal ego to avoid any challenge.
behaviour, and make you a more caring, happier and more productive person.
confident. Balance is preserved and karmic laws respected.

Anyone who counteracts your actions with heavy energy will be removed in the future.
felt. On the other hand, the people who rescue you will be accessible to your feelings and
open with you.

It’s powerful and practical without asking for much once you’ve passed the initiation.
It is in 1 level