Shining soul reiki 2- Reiki de l’Âme Brillante 2


To heal, cleanse and eliminate karma by working on negative beliefs and programs. Level 2


Level 2/3. Also available as a pack including all 3 levels.

Reiki is an excellent system for healing, cleansing and eliminating karma. It works on reshaping old/negative beliefs and programs learned throughout your life and past lives. It removes the Karma passed down from generation to generation that prevents us from achieving what we want in life. Some of these programs and beliefs are unconscious and go unnoticed, but they affect us and cause illness.

It transmutes and clears your negative karmic contracts, which are unresolved emotions and attitudes held consciously and unconsciously that hinder your life. It’s a simple and highly effective technique for releasing dysfunctional patterns.

Level 2: Works on removing karmic and ancestral codependencies.

By Hari Andri Winarso

English manual

You will receive an introduction and a manual.

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