Soin de la Sensitivité – Sensitivity Care


Reiki for extra sensory happiness.


Sensitivity Care helps you to overcome the soul energies blocked by an overly abrupt, sensitive, suffering sensory system, while retaining the energy and happiness of being yourself.

Stronger than many light energies on the subject, it overcomes blocked auras, clears the downward forces from your inner mediumnity, increases your celestial and telluric magnetic powers tenfold, and enables you to manage your light energies more easily.

It will help you understand the power of reiki and how it can benefit you.

Powerful and useful in all circumstances, it’s THE Reiki for the pure, sensitive medium.

It is present in the tools of my mediumship workshop and brings gentleness and power to whoever obtains it.

The first level

releases traumatic energies and unlocks the highest light quotient for you.

It integrates your body of light to gently rebuild your senses and break down shocks, forces contrary to your feelings, and energy links contrary to the Source. It frees you sensitively and in your perception. So, clear and awake, you can better detect unperceived auras and feel higher up for better protection of your aura.

The second level

increases your energetic capacity and access to mediumistic energy. Whether you have little energy or not, it will gradually increase as you use this Reiki.

The energy passes become stronger.

Your capacity for analysis is strengthened, less attacked and more serene.

You’ll find it easier to realize your wishes, dreams and needs.

The third level

enhances perceptions, redirects them when they are awkwardly released, and allows you to do little.

She works with the clear feeling deftly and smoothly.

These heightened and lighter feelings become heavier as your aura turns away from the right choice or the right path.

Feelings become simpler and happier as you work with light.

On energy passes, less “laziness”, more involvement and a lighter energy by way of mediumnity will be your gift.

The fourth level

makes you blind to the devious, dual and violent desires of those around you.

Whether or not you perceive their requests, they’ll have to turn away from you. You won’t validate their feelings.

Your inner strength will not only be increased tenfold, but also validated by Christic energies, instead of being built up hastily on a dual, negative ego.

The more you grow within yourself, the stronger your feelings will become.

Far from being an energy gimmick, this Reiki can lead you to the free energy of love that you are at the top.