Soul care – Soin de l’Âme (Pack)


For in-depth soul care!


Pack including all 5 levels. Also available in levels sold separately.

Soul Care has been channeled to help you connect more strongly with your Soul Self and the energies of the Sacred Eternal Source. The Shakti and Beings of Light who arrive within this beautiful Healing System are there to guide and heal you at the very heart of your me. Every time you activate a function or level, their presence will be felt as a comforting reminder.

Level 1 – Shakti of the Rainbow Bridge

It will help you recognize that you belong to this world and all the others.

Level 2 – Managing the soul aspect

It gives you the ability to manage attention and the various aspects of the activities in which you are engaged.

Level 3 – Soul cleansing and Light activation

It cleanses karmas, codes, imprints, implants and other limitations. It contributes to your healing, your growth and your freedom.

Level 4- Soul Change, Soul Balance, Bugle Call and Soul Return

It helps you to be more fully and healthily yourself, and to rediscover your soul.

Level 5 – Spiritual descent and integration

It helps bring your soul parts here to better integrate them into your physicality. It brings more of your soul into your physical self.


By Mariah Windsong Couture

English manual

You receive 5 initiations and 5 manuals.