Soul Lineage Genetic Integration Master level


To help with physical problems due to the fact that the soul brings with it information that is poorly or incorrectly integrated by the body. Master level.


License Master – does not require practitioner level, but allows you to teach

This system helps remedy illnesses that arise when there is a conflict between the type of physical body your soul was accustomed to presenting and the human physical body. Often, this conflict leads to excessive allergies, autoimmune and connective tissue problems. It can also lead to hormonal and fertility problems.

Incompatibility can be eliminated using this system, and integration can take place. The energy of a person’s soul – that’s you, your spirit, your personality – has a very strong influence on your body. This can change the way your body responds to its environment, but also to DNA and genetic codes. Your body can read the genetic codes that your soul has stored within it, from all its incarnations. Sometimes he doesn’t pay much attention to these codes. At other times, these codes place a heavy burden on your energy system. In this case, your physical body reads them as instructions rather than historical imprints.
When your soul’s genetic codes and information from previous incarnations are received as real as your physical DNA, there can be complications and unwanted symptoms. This system will eliminate all the incompatible genetic codes you carry here.


By Mariah Windsong Couture

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You will receive an introduction and a manual.

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