Soul Love Reiki – Soul Love Reiki



This one-level Reiki provides help for those who wish to work on traumas and soul wounds.

Among other things, it enables :
  • Better channeling
  • Easier, happier soul work
  • Less energy in the event of auras concerns, allowing you to work in depth on your injury.
  • Less of an energy leader
  • Easier light integration
  • A higher, more regular wake-up call
  • An easier climb
  • Better cleansed Akashic Annals to avoid repetitive traumas


It will act on :
  • Fears
  • Trauma
  • Children and adults alike
  • Regular energy worries that take a long time to resolve despite the presence of a basic system
  • Misunderstandings linked to existence
  • Lack of personal love
  • Unhappiness and lack of faith or desire to work on oneself, or even refusal to exist
  • Bad wills
  • Soul wounds
  • Heavy or rough sensations leading to violence or severe stress
  • Dual and misunderstood energies
  • Isolation
  • Precariousness

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