Soul shakti – Soul Shakti (Pack)


To connect you more deeply to your soul mission by breaking through blockages and helping to heal fears and pain.


Pack including 2 levels. Also available in levels sold separately.

Soul Shakti is a unique, powerful and effective method of releasing blockages in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. These blocks hold us back from achieving success, happiness, love, health and abundant flow in all areas of our lives.

As the body becomes more refined, it becomes purer and clearer and in the greatest alignment with your spirit. When we are strongly connected to our “true personalities” and in tune with our life’s purpose, we are radiantly joyful and prosperous.

This system will help you awaken the spiritual gifts and abilities to connect, at a deeper level, with your soul’s mission. When we do what we were made to do, we are filled with joy, fulfillment, contentment and also empowerment.

This system can bring about profound inter-dimensional cellular healing. To reach a state of Oneness, we must first find the courage and the sincere desire to pass through our fears and pains, in love with the divine. Only with the intention and vibration of Divine Love can we then move forward fully into the fullness of who we really are.

This powerful spiritual frequency will keep you safe as you plunge into the deepest fears and pain we humans can bear. The energy will help as a powerful tool for higher shamanic spiritual journeying and multidimensional meditation.

The Soul Shakti system comprises two levels, each with several initiations.

By Hari Andri Winarso

English manuals

You receive the 2 levels (comprising 20 + 16 initiations/activations) and 2 manuals.