Soul to Soul Heart to Heart Soulmate Connection Activation – Soul to Soul, Heart to Heart, Soulmate Connection Activation


To increase your chances of having a beautiful relationship with another person, especially a soul mate.


The advantages of this system:

Attracting your soul mate
Materialize the union with your soulmate
Open your heart to the higher vibrations of your soul mate
Open your heart to the higher vibration of pure, unconditional divine love
Being ready to receive love and be loved within this union
Healing wounds from past relationships
Release of stored emotions and pain from the heart center
Suppression of negative sabotage patterns
Clearing energy and negative emotions
Worth loving
Greater success in all areas of life
Increased ability to attract the heart’s deepest desires
Ability to experience deep unity, union, connection and intimacy within the soul-sister relationship.
Trust in relationships
Joy, hope and enthusiasm
Unconditional love, trust, compassion, hope, faith
Developing spiritual union within
Alignment with higher, more Divine Qualities
Power of attraction
Removal of protective shields, walls, defensiveness, fear
Connecting to your soul mate in the consciousness and energy level of your heart and soul

By Tracey Loper

English manual

You will receive an introduction and a manual.