Spiritual Animal Healer Program (Pack)


A complete program to improve your animal’s communication and care on several levels: emotional, physical, behavioral,…


Pack including all 6 levels. Also available in levels sold separately.

This program is essential for anyone who comes into contact with animals, whether as an owner or an animal healer. It is designed to help in all areas of animal healing. This is an incredibly interesting, useful and thorough course.

A complete 6-level system…

Each level connects to a deeper level, enabling you to communicate and heal animals with a higher level of energy.

Level 1: Animal Communication

Greatly improves your ability to understand and communicate with animals.

Level 2: Emotional trauma

Allows you to establish emotional bonds with animals and heal them emotionally. You’ll learn what causes emotional trauma in animals and how to help them cope.

Level 3: Physical healing of animals

Connects you to powerful healing energies that help heal animals’ physical ailments, including relieving pain and speeding recovery from injury, illness and disease.

Level 4: Animal behavior

Helps you understand what causes behavioral problems in animals and helps cure animal behavioral problems.

Level 5: Healing the environment of wild animals

Connects you to the energies of animal species and their environmental habitat in nature. It also helps heal the environment (Mother Earth) and helps animal species survive in the wild, including endangered species.

Level 6: Passing animals

Connects you with animals at the deepest level and helps you to cross them over in peace and love when it’s time to let them go.


By Linda Colibert

English manual

You receive 6 initiations and 6 manuals.