Stop Abandonment Reiki – Stop Abandonment Reiki



Abandonment is a very common soul wound, which sometimes prevents us from truly experiencing happiness.

… Abandonment, however, creates in us a total impossibility to reach our energy by dint of painful memories. Even without anyone to interact with, energy suffers.

When we’re alone, we sometimes feel incredibly sad not to be accompanied. Then comes the idea that saves us, the distraction, and that’s a relief.

But what can we do to make this wound disappear completely, beyond our ability to act on ourselves and feel happier by empowering ourselves?

This Reiki is in 2 levels, and will enable you to evacuate the suffering of abandonment through self-love.

With no heart blockage, no hatred, no drama, you’ll be able to clear the abandonment from your energy and face things on your own without feeling anchored in latent sadness ready to resurface.

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