Sword of Power – Epée de Pouvoir


Take up your past connection to Lemuria accompanied by Archangel Michael and connect the energies of his sword of Power and Justice.


“Greetings my love, I am MICHAEL, Archangel Michael. I am the creator of the sword of power and justice.

The gates open to reality and my legions are ready to cooperate in the greatest events of all time. My reputation is known throughout the universe, to all called souls and also to those who have already served under my empire: the legions of Archangel Michael.

Now it’s time to wake up, follow your soul’s call and remember times past. The time has also come for the “Warriors of Light” to follow your path and remember. I now invite you to join me for a dimensional leap to the land of Lemuria.

There, in a large crystal temple, you’ll be shown much of what happened. If your intention allows, you will then receive this holy authorization as well as information about your past connection to Lemuria. With great celebration, you will also receive the initiation and energies of Archangel Michael’s “sword of power and justice”.

Your energy frequency is increased and your entire body, chakras and aura are cleansed.”

By Gaby Solina
English manual
You will receive an introduction and a manual.
Price: €40
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