Goddess Kuan Yin’s Gold Reiki System – Godess Kuan Yin’s Gold Reiki System


For Reiki masters, in 4 levels. Transform the energy of places charged with sadness, painful pasts, strengthen the
to divination, to heal many forms of lower or separate consciousness, to give
Christic channelling, to make magnetism more conscious and more


This initiation is open, strong, and opens the 3rd eye while keeping faith, happiness and the love of light. The energies of this ray give strength, vitality and love to those who receive it. This ray is channeled at a very high energy level and cannot be approached in a cold, closed way. It gives enormous wisdom and heart as well as discernment to those who receive it. It will be a wonderful gift for those whose souls have always hoped to find renewed faith and strength.
It will be the best care for those who have lived through hunger, cold, war, the suffering of losing everything to the ultimate loss of abstract reality, those who have lost their emotional body and can no longer feel in tune with themselves.
It makes you feel secure, happy and ready to change, but also strengthens, defends and protects the energies of the self.