Système de Guérison Psychique du Guerrier du Coeur – Heart Warrior Psychic Healing System



This Reiki is in 5 levels, one of which is for transmission.

This system of care has been channeled to help people who have sound emotional guidance but are not always able to maintain their strength according to the energies they receive. It is guided to those who need a self-sufficient and secure care system regarding their need for strength to use their full empathy, courage, out-of-the-box energy and stand up for the light.

It is not linked to any energy other than that of the heart, and allows us to live love with strength and courage.

When you’ve been hurt for things that matter a lot, or by people who have hurt you, this system will destroy the energies that make you uncomfortable, prevent you from defending your choices, your ideals, and enable you to become the warrior of the soul and heart who opens the most open doors and life choices to those whose heart will always be the main reality to safeguard.

It will protect you from the cold, manipulative ways of people whose hearts are closed, broken or unimportant to themselves and whose awakening is less, and make you a true force of the soul so that what matters is never abandoned or a suffering in itself.

If you tend to be heartbroken when an important battle is lost or difficult, this will help you resist the separate forces of abandonment, to develop new acceptance and courage with every crack.

A real joy for me and for those close to me, I have been able to treat an astonishing number of people who no longer had the strength to get up after a shock or tragedy, thanks to this teaching, which is a well of resilience and happiness for the heart’s struggle, without the result being an end in itself.

It highlights what’s important, redirects us when we’re stuck, and gives us the positive strength and drive we need for every battle. It’s beautiful and good to be able to trust again in your strengths, in the future, and to have an open heart without suffering. This system doesn’t suit people who are afraid of everything.

For this, it’s best to skip other lessons. While it does no harm, it is designed to enhance and protect the forces of courage, not to create them.