Tantra Twin Quartz Essence – Tantra Twin Quartz Essence


To strengthen the bond between two people who are already intimately linked.


These are crystals that share a common base but have two separate and distinct points, two heads on a single body.

Tantra is an ancient Sanskrit word meaning union. Your most important union is always first with your True Self and the ultimate union is when your self becomes one with you Original Source.

This system helps you connect with and balance your life purpose with your soul purpose.

Tantra Twins are extraordinarily effective when working with the bonds of two people who are already intimately connected. It’s one of the best choices for two people who are already deeply united and want to explore and strengthen that bond even further. This energy helps to harmonize and balance the energies of two people involved in a relationship. When the two tantric twin crystals are of equal size, they act to attract a soul partner; if they are of unequal size, they act to build unconditional love and strengthen the bond between parent and child.

Helps you attract a soulmate into your life
Helps bind two people in an intimate relationship
Creates a balance between higher and lower self-consciousness
Enhances your natural sensuality on all levels
A good meditation stone for lovers.

By Argandini Titisari