The 13 original mothers – 13 clan mothers



This initiatory workshop explores the shamanic energy of the 13 original clan mothers.

This sacred knowledge, handed down from woman to woman for centuries, and read by millions of readers thanks to Jamie Sams’ book “The 13 Original Mothers”, is the shamanic pillar of feminine transformation and the love of feminine power. I was taught this through shamanic channelling from a very early age. Ill had already been known to my soul for several lifetimes… but the rediscovery of its path, through shaman friends, purveyors of Mother Earth’s love, enabled me to seriously undertake to gather this energetic knowledge into a series of initiations, to be practiced every full moon if you wish. The basis of the energy of the 13 mothers comes from world shamanism, some energies are over 8,000 years old, and Amerindian knowledge has added to this primordial shamanism of the feminine and of origins. And it’s the one I first experienced as a child, like many female shamans.
This system makes it possible to create circles, to protect the clan mothers during channeling so that the shamanic power can transmit without imperfection all the energies of the clan mothers, numbering over 4200 in all… The knowledge in this library is free, but to access it fully requires a lot of work without a powerful framework that brings the shamanic energy into you without loss. That’s the aim of this work.