The Lepards and their Totem Class Empowerment


Connect to the energy of leopards and integrate their qualities.

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“The leopard possesses many animal virtues that are powerful and valuable, and which anyone would be wise to imitate or guess at. Whoever has the power of the leopard will see his personal power increased. He can also increase his self-confidence, grace and stealth. Indeed, its qualities are also part of the magic of this noble totem. Leopards are reserved, dignified animals that don’t go in for extravagance or flamboyance.

The leopard totem has the following virtues:

Independence, a sense of freedom, immutability, psychic vision, fearlessness, courage in the dark, problem-solving ability, egoless leadership, skill, survival abilities, greater spiritual vision, keen sense, clairvoyance, intelligence, prophecy, shape-shifting, integrity and dignity.”

By El Brooks
English manual.
You will receive an introduction and a manual.