The Power of Quetzalcoatl – Quetzalcoatl Empowerment



This initiation is rooted in the age-old knowledge of Andean shamanism. It is designed for people with at least Reiki level 1 who want to open up the shamanic path to protect their soul. For hundreds of years, Pan-American shamans have been aware of Quetzalcoatl’s energetic power, and its perceptive, charismatic and transformative force for success and successful endeavors. Far from the usual forces, He propels us into the highest, most energetic shamanic power by using kundalini in a different way. It helps the poor, the fearful, the sad to overcome their problems, but also informs the central nervous system of any abnormal energy, creating a protective perception that brings about great positive changes, and strong kundalini rises for those whose energy needs to evolve. He guards your assets carefully and shows them off when necessary. It destroys demons and violent, painful thought forms. It helps spiritual growth and world order. It reigns supreme over the benevolent forces and destroys the shadows.