The Spell Reversal & Imprint Removal Empowerment – Empowerment to reverse spells and remove imprints



“The empowerment of Returning Spells and Removing Imprints was channeled after many years of requests from students who have been victims of negative energies and spells inflicted upon them by individuals who do not have the highest and greatest intentions in their hearts. I was also the victim of a negative spell recently where a teacher here in the UK took it upon himself to spiritually attack me with spells, curses and slander to make himself look like the victim when in fact he was the one creating the negative influence he tried to reflect on me to hide his own negative influences.
Spell Reversal and Footprint Removal are very different from any other initiation I’ve channeled over the years in that its main objective is to remove harmful magical mechanisms and spells so that the spiritual body can be purified and restored to optimal well-being. It is also designed to work to cleanse and purify the environment to protect the recipient from new negative vibrations.

Spell reversal and imprint removal empowerment are simultaneously activated in your etheric body every time you use them. The energies put an end to magic and harmful spells so that they can no longer harm you or be part of your etheric environment.

The energies of this initiation will immediately stop all forms of magic or harmful spells. As soon as the mechanisms of the magic and/or spell are deactivated, they will be removed from your environment and your energetic body, including your chakras, aura and meridians. This initiation will also work to remove spells and negative energies from everyday objects if they have been cursed or have come from someone who has used them for negative reasons.
Spell reversal and imprint removal also have the blessings of Archangel Michael and Archangel Raguel, who are the main archangels to work with when removing magic and harmful spells from someone’s life.

Each Archangel works in your etheric context to eliminate harmful magic in a harmonious and balanced way to bring restoration to the spiritual body.

This prevents any karmic consequences from occurring.

Many will tell you that you shouldn’t return the spell or curse to the sender, but in my own line of work, I truly believe that binding individuals who attack others by demanding that the spell or negative energy be returned to the sender so that they can learn from their mistakes is never a bad thing.”