The Ten Fingers of Buddha the Awakened



5 initiations with a French manual, for reiki masters and equivalent.

These initiations are the true “transmutation” of being and
it is the only way to definitively overcome all obstacles to
that are only such in the quality of trials, in order to help us
drive, with or without our agreement (and this is
usually the case), towards this Liberation.
This regeneration takes place in several phases:
– At first, for a few weeks (but then for a long time), the
from the very first initiations), you’ll be chasing
negative entities lurking around you (demons, larvae…),
shells, etc…) or that live attached to your solar plexus.
(even if you can’t see them!… hence, sometimes, this
feeling of anguish, of a weight in the hollow of the sternum.
of your unpurified nature. You’ll conquer your own space
– Then, as the space is emptied of all parasites, the deposits
of your own nature are going to come out of your mouth.
unconscious, rise to the surface to be immediately ”
sent back” to the Spirit, who will once again play his role
purifier. At this stage, many things will be revealed to
you: your particular affinities with this or that aspect of the
Divine Force; you’ll be able to strongly feel the evacuation

of these polluting slags, but in any case, you must not
and lose confidence in yourself and in the company.
Divinity in action and in the technique transmitted. This, in
as a remedy, has just revealed “the disease”.
she will continue her work and heal. You’ll need to be
patient, as the time required to transmute the
elemental structure obviously depends on the Karma of the

of what is drained by its vehicles or bodies (etherico
physical, psychological and mental).

– Your etheric body will also be affected by this
and you’ll feel great vitality, health and well-being.
will be established within you. The physical body will be
process, and the cells will begin to
be transmuted. You’ll have an intuition for what you need
eating and drinking and overindulgence
away from you, because you won’t feel it.
the need. It’s the authentic Elixir of Youth, without the
herbs without potions, as provided by the Divine Spirit.
– After a few months, you won’t recognize yourself!
Peace will take place in you and around you… things will change…
will already have changed a lot.
The speed with which these promising effects manifest themselves
depends, we repeat, on the structure of each individual, on the “material
It’s a good idea to start off with a “good idea”.

Ten Buddha forces (bala) or ten Buddha knowledge.
“Fingers of both hands
1. knowledge of the possible and the impossible; the power
distinguish between what is true and what is not

2. knowledge of the rewards of actions; the power to
know about karmic causality in the lives of everyone
through past, present and future

3. knowledge of meditations; the power to know
all the stages of concentration, emancipation and

4. knowledge of the degree of other people’s faculties; the power
to know the living conditions of all human beings

5. knowledge of the aspirations of beings; the power to
know the living conditions of all human beings

6. knowledge of acquired dispositions; the power to
discern the superiority and inferiority of everyone’s abilities
human beings

7. knowledge of the route leading to the various


8. knowledge of previous existences;

9. the knowledge of death and rebirth; the power
to know when each person will be born and die, and
in which kingdom she will be reborn

10. knowledge of the destruction of impurities; the
power to eliminate all illusions