The unison of the crystal skulls


This initiation is available to free-channelers who wish to communicate with crystal skulls…


This initiation is available to people who channel freely and wish to communicate with crystal skulls. Crystal skulls are beings incarnated for a life of learned stone, most are beings who have ascended differently, and have a real passion for divination, communication and social life. Linked to us by the human in them who experienced love on Earth, they like to live among us to help us. They have in common with us the Atlantean past, communion with nature, the awakening of the heart, even if they don’t have our envelope. Far beyond the communication of crystals, which are beings in the making most of the time apart from certain exceptions, they come to your aid to ascend, create energies, communicate, free the astral of the energies you receive, work divination and communication with the invisible. They often have a special mission. Just like us. This initiation will teach you how to communicate with ascended skulls and crystals, how to choose them and how to initialize them correctly so that they can communicate with each other: the more they are connected, the happier they are and the more information they contain! They can be trained by the master skulls of Atlantis, and many others whose knowledge will enable them to choose the most useful energy path for their type of incarnation. They too have their own frequencies and specialities, but most skulls don’t have the same power and can complement each other in a band. You can call them by the name they choose: they love it and communicate telepathically. You’ll be able to read them, call them even when they’re not with you, and help them to work with you in the best possible way. If one of the skulls is lost or broken, you’ll be able to find it energetically and continue to love it, communicate with it and stay connected forever.