Torsion Energetic Device – Master-Practitioner-Professional License – Torsion Energetic Power


This initiation aids Life Force energy and may also be known as Chi, Ki or Orgone. It can be used for clean energy as well as for restoring the human body to a more perfect rate of consciousness vibration. Excellent anchoring.


Torsion Energetic Device is an interactive meditation tool designed to help and prepare humanity for planetary change. The human mind and body can go through difficult times. Stress can be the most common, slowing down the body’s ability to heal. People with physical handicaps will be brought back to a state of equilibrium. It helps us restore the body by neutralizing mental illness.
It enhances our DNA strands to full capacity, transforms us to a higher dimension and connects us to an Akashic Intelligence of Higher Consciousness.

The “Torsion Energetic Device” generates an enormous amount of Torsion and converts negative energy into positive energy. It speeds up the healing process and can give us results such as increased energy and longevity. Addictions reverse, intuition improves, and much more. Meditation with this energy device brings calm and physical relaxation. It also improves psychological balance, helps cope with illness and promotes overall health and well-being.

You can also work on your grounding, which is a method that uses the principle of reconnecting to the strong, stable energies of Mother Earth, bringing this stability to yourself.
With this system, you can also create X serums (“X” being the health elements you’re working on, such as anti-fat, anti-infection, anti-depression, etc. serum). I found this energy system very interesting and useful.


By Maha Kamaleksana (PriyoMadiyanto)

English manual

You will receive an introduction and a manual.