Trauma Care – Soin des Traumas


Initiation with 4 treatments for overcoming traumatic experiences in a person marked by life.


Some of the benefits your Trauma Care Session can generate:

Your current reality seems real again, not surreal as in the middle of a trauma.
You can relive or recount your past from the right perspective
You begin to feel whole and prosperous
Past traumas no longer dictate your present choices
You begin to feel peace and live in peace most of the time
Your mind knows trauma but now allows healing
Your body allows the healing of traumatized areas
Memories lingering on the surface of your mind that you’ve kept on alert and as a backup in case of disaster can now disappear.
Your body’s reactions to sudden movements or loud sounds as a result of past traumas may subside now that your body knows it is safe.
The hole in your heart center is repaired and you gain a sense of being filled with a well-being that stays with you.
Symptoms of inner discomfort disappear and comfort returns.


By Mariah Windsong Couture

English manual

You will receive an introduction and a manual.