Trauma Healing Energy – Energie de Guérison des Traumas


Managing trauma by finding resilience within ourselves…


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This energy eliminates the overabundance of immobilizing or damaging energy that has been caused within our energy system by experiencing a traumatic event.
The longer you work, the more the energy transforms to eliminate the prevalent feeling of “paralysis” towards the traumatic event. So there is a possibility of reliving certain traumatic events, but you’ll be looking at them from a framed perspective and in a safe way.

This energy replaces the energy released by a specific healing frequency adapted to your specific trauma.
That’s why this energy can feel completely different depending on the person and the traumas we’re working on.
It also connects with the resources of your soul, your own experiences, with the idea of giving you a sense of power over what has happened and is happening. This helps you deal with the trauma.

Types of trauma:

Fetal trauma (Intrauterintrauma)
Birth trauma
Loss of a relative or friend
Illness, high fever, accidental poisoning
Physical injuries, including falls and injuries from
Sexual, emotional or physical abuse, including serious abandonment and physical punishment
Testimonies of violence
Natural disasters such as earthquakes, fires or floods
Procedures and medical examinations
We also find the forced rest position. Especially with small children – for various reasons