True Love Reiki – True Love Reiki


True Love Reiki was given to me by the source as a 4-degree Reiki.
To learn it, you need to know at least one degree of Reiki Usui or other.


True Love Reiki helps you to better perceive your life experience, and make it even more beautiful thanks to all those loving qualities that you appreciate but can’t always easily live in every moment of your life.
Indeed, when we suffer a lot, with traumatic experiences or major worries that tend to make us experience unloving things, we sometimes recreate painful memories, like a reliving of past sadnesses and the negativity that accompanied them.
For those of us who experience the multidimensional and the past-present-future almost simultaneously, it can really help to rediscover this force of love that we experience to find our true self, our soul and our experience of oneness.
So get ready to receive a superb cleansing in your hands or by intention if you want to feel love in every moment of your life!


By Omaniala Sangatah

French manual

You receive 4 initiations and a manual.