Twilight Reiki – Twilight Reiki



When the animal in you has trouble letting the light through… This Reiki helps to bear incredible facts about the future without being in a violence or something like a feeling of reacting badly.
It helps a lot when you have to follow the path of Light, but healing is not a possibility for the brain, stuck in survival with the limbic system. It helps you get back to a normal state before you deteriorate and become a real danger to yourself and others.
It can work on rage, anger, betrayal, stress, fear, abandonment due to basic needs like food or shelter, and when your
love is not enough…
When someone’s under pressure sometimes too, when the energy doesn’t respond.
When all is dark and gloomy, and all humanity or sense of security is lost, this energy helps to cleanse the baser instincts.
You should have had something like this in your time of need. When it goes wrong, everything seems to be a mess, and your ability is… wild. When your hormones panic and won’t let you deal with the beast and the light inside you.