Twin Flame’s Reunion Reiki



The twin flame is a gigantic adventure towards unity consciousness. It’s also a path to the self. On this path of the soul, many pitfalls of duality will have to be overcome to reach the reunion.

And pure love, at the end of this work, is the formidable reward of this path of ascent, one of the fastest and most lightning-fast available on Earth.

Indeed, the twin flame is a channel that opens to the soul for eternity. Whether our flame is embodied or not, connected to our etheric or not. Indeed, it remains the most beautiful form of love available on our beautiful planet.

Beyond our awareness of the soul that suffers and walks through the ego lies the reunited soul. And the latter is aware that non-dual incarnation choices lead to its liberation through non-duality.

This work requires years as well as a month for those who understand the purpose of such a channel. The best for all, without duality, and the advent of a new consciousness for humanity. Beyond karma, the collective and the cycle of incarnations.

In this workshop, Lauriane invites you to go through 14 initiations to become the non-dual channel you need to access the self. And to the soul of the world (oversoul in English)!

1/ opening the heart

This activation cleanses your heart energy. Most of the feelings blocked here prevent you from reconnecting with your divine flame and will make you suffer with each soul passage.


2/ cleansing the hara center of feminine and masculine energy

If you’re stuck on these sensations, there’s often a problem with handling the twin energy. Someone inside you is hoping to distract you from your energy, or it’s already been done in the past and it’s still marking you… The hara center is located a little above the navel and is the base of your ki energy. Each man and woman of the twin couple has free access and manages their energy simply through the energy of the common self… this treatment frees the feminine energies from a planetary energy seeking to block the self through mental or physical distortion.

3/ cleansing of mental energies

This cleansing gives you the opportunity to release mental auras that don’t conform to your ego energies.

4/ cleansing of the corpus callosum and impressions not linked to divine energies

If you’re living your twin flame under duress, for example, it’s a real problem to release these “stocks”: the soul has made a choice and so has the being, and you have to free this trauma from the soul that doesn’t accept its own choice of life through energy.

5/ Cleansing emotions and affect

This cleansing releases the painful sensations we often see in our energy. And it allows us to breathe and regain our ease in relationships, as well as our physical energy, because physical traumas can also generate unstable emotions that need to be released in order to relax, sleep well, etc.

6/beingté brake cleaning

Impediments to eternity are often the result of soul choices that don’t correspond to the divine being who guides us.

7/ soul crossing with the help of a soul mate

Soul mates are the essential step to the twin flame. Otherwise no dual energies and therefore inability to find each other through the ether!


8/ Anti-stress – for the release of etheric energies

Every aura not linked to your energy has a stress potential that you must release.

9/ soul cleansing

The soul is the only part of you that has suffered from separation. Soul cleansing also opens up new horizons.

10/ Reaffirming the self

Affirm your divine will to make the best of everyone, starting with your soul; your love depends on it. Feel the happiness of being embodied in the twin flame by this simple ego: being at the service of the self.

11/ cleansing the sacred couple’s love

If you’re physically separated from your twin flame and she’s not experiencing your love on a daily basis, the result can be stress for the soul who would so much like to experience the happiness of holding her flame in her arms. The problem then is that, whatever happens, this soul has neglected its divine part if it suffers from separation… Pamper it, send it all the physical love you can muster, feel nourished internally by your divine flame in your sensations and feelings. Perhaps you’ll also have a soulmate to console from time to time…

12/ Clearing up problems with soul mates

The problems are many when you have a soul mate who loves without understanding.through this energy you release unconditional love all the time necessary to take into account this aura that soul mates respect so that they can live conscious and loving choices in duality. Be happy and free your aura!

13/ liberation from karmas unrelated to the divine aura

If you have an unbalanced, over-emotional flame, perhaps it has the right to express it without receiving contrary attraction energy.


14/ Divine and universal love…

This flow of love is within you, to you, for you, and this is the future of every soul one day. There will be a time when every conscious being will finally free itself from fear, sadness and death to live pure love. It’s up to you to make it part of your everyday life – it’s never too early for happiness….

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