Universal Abundance Activation Empowerment (level 1)


This activation raises your spiritual energy vibrations to transmute negative energies and remove blockages. Quite a step forward for living in abundance.


Level 1/6. Also available as a pack including all 6 levels.

We often struggle to attract more money, prosperity, wealth, etc…. We try affirmations, positive thinking, even hypnosis, but nothing works. Something keeps blocking us.
The problem is often that our spiritual (metaphysical) body still has imprints of work on submission, fear, frustration, which prevent the positive vibrations from getting in there. As a result, we are still sending out negative signals. It remains stuck in our energy body and we can only wish that it was no more.
Work on it with this activation.


By Hari Andri Winarso

English manual

You will receive an introduction and a manual.