Uno Regnu le Soigneur Atlante – Uno Regnu The atlantean healer



“Uno Regnu” is an energy system that enables mediums and channelers to unlock their protective abilities in perceptive work with the help of Crystal energies from the Atlantean realm.

This system, which can be learned from 1st degree Usui or equivalent, is channeled in order to protect the energies of the channelers, who are doing a tiring job requiring considerable inner resources.

As many of the Atlanteans among us have experienced tragedy, major inner fatigue can arise and disrupt our daily lives. Staying awake and flexible in the channel without tiring is not always easy, especially if we’re dealing with a lot of strong, heavy karmic energy in our lives. The power of the Atlantean Crystal and its grid of linked crystals enables healers who have learned this system to channel certain energies more strongly, while protecting them at the same time, in order to surrender their hearts to the most open and simple feelings in tense situations. The biggest emotional and psychic shocks are reduced by gentle Atlantean energies, while the strongest emotional shocks are absorbed and wait for the right moments to heal. This system not only relaxes and softens the channel, but also absorbs the a-blows of overly heavy energies, with the added advantage of magnifying existing energies to make the most of them. The strongest energy channels are favored, and the weakest protected and used when necessary. As a care guarantee, it offers the advantage of preparing energy work for those who want it for later. It anticipates possible energy leaks and protects the channel from future shocks as soon as the energies are available. It provides protection in advance and is therefore more predictive. It increases the love of self and others, the strength of courage, the gentleness of the heart and the powers of the subconscious for those who work with it.