Vortex Light Shakti – Shakti of the Vortex of Light (Pack of 6)



Pack including all 6 levels. Also available in levels sold separately.

Vortex Light Shakti is an excellent energy for enhancing our sense of security and helping us establish our personal boundaries.
It promotes a more relaxed attitude to life, balances mood swings and makes us more aware of our own emotions, promotes inner peace and is a protector against negative energies.
This energy is excellent for meditation, allowing you to both access and retrieve wisdom and information about past lives.

It is channeled to be intensely active so that it can energize the system. It can thus break down and transform emotional and karmic conditioning.
Vortex Light Shakti is effective for healing physical, mental and emotional illnesses and spiritual problems. It’s an inter-dimensional vortex energy with the ability to transform the quality of glands, chakras and various energies, in particular kundalini energy. Vortex Light Shakti helps raise kundalini.
It stimulates the opening up of the latter.
It also helps alleviate the discomfort of energy movements.
Vortex Light Shakti also supports the movement of kundalini into and through the heart chakra.
It brings soothing peace, and encourages loving thought before speaking with the intellect.


By Hari Andra Winarso

English manuals

You receive 9 initiations and 6 manuals.


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