Yule Druidic initiation



Yule, the pagan celebration of the winter solstice, brings us back to the simple tradition of renewal, of awakening to sharing and giving.
At this time of the winter solstice, a new energy is created, with the announcement that the days are getting longer. And this joy, brought on by the return of daylight, makes us want to celebrate and share.
Everyone is free in their beliefs and, pragmatically, to feel at peace with their choice of energy.
Some prefer to spend it with their family, others not. The anchor is to rediscover the day and one’s own auras for the wisdom, will and love to give for a conscious and happy renewal.
Every tradition, every collective you’ve implanted or become conditioned to, forces you to experience the suffering of a soul who doesn’t want a cliché for organization, or that the values of capitalism replace those of giving and love.
Each period of unwanted loneliness will be healed by this renewal if the soul is ready to open its heart to the other again, each for Yule is guided differently.
We experience the pleasure, at Source, of being able to live the sacredness we want for this time of happiness to be experienced.
That’s why this initiation will deliver happiness for everyone, with the end-of-year festivities and the approaching solstice.
Passed on by the founder.
You’ll receive an introduction and a manual in French.